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Welcome to Ranch Maehlum - Norway

Hans Christian - brother Erik approaching the trouts
Hans Christian, fishing and smalltalking with his grandpa by the kilometerlong Ranch Maehlum riverside, asking:

-Grandpa, been wondering why they named Gudbrandsdal the Valley of Valleys? -there are so many other valleys all around Norway?

Grandpa Kolbjoern Mehlum, contemplating some seconds before responding:
-Probably because no other valley got the same beautyful and versatile sceneries like ours, starting down at the Olympic City of Lillehammer"94. Our river Laagen is plowing its exotic way southwards with the dramatic and even the highest Norwegian mountain massives - Rondane and Jotunheimen - on each side. Startin on the Dovrefjell Pleateau and National Park - near the Hall of the Mountain King. No wonder why Henrik Ibsen and Edvard Grieg long ago told the world about OUR valley?

I have travelled through all Norway and seen most of our valleys and touristic sceneries. Even lots of places in other countries and continents. When it comes to mountainous areas my opinion is this: -All valleys are of course beautiful, however none I found so far can compete with our Gudbrandsdal - THE valley of vallys! Since at least 100, perhaps 200 years it has been referred to like that. I might go on talking for hours...
Hans Christian:
-Got it! Wow - look, a nice trout is snapped and is now stuck on my bait!

Grandpa Kolbjoern - watching how his grandson is landing a nice trout - reflecting again: -This young man is about ready to teach our many visitors and tourist how to succeed in river/lake fishing. Good!
-But now, Hans Christian, let"s stop fishing and start enjoying those four nice trouts; the barbeque is hot and we got the rest of the accessories to have a late nite fishermen"s dinner before I get back to my rockingchair and late evening TV news.

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