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Royal Property 1594 - Maehlum today

Early spring - River Laagen looks more like a long lake than a river. (Maehlum is marked with a ring on left side of the picture.)
The Ranch is first mentioned in the public Northern Gudbrandsdal archives in 1594, up till then one of the many properties of the King. That very same year Ranch Maehlum is to become a private property of a certain Mr. Dag Maehlum, and it is properly described – in those day’s terms of tax payment what the annual tax should be.

More than 400 years have passed and we dare to say that the taxes have risen quite considerably during that period of time... So has the number of those Maehlum people following Mr. Dag! Time passed and changing times along with it. We may imagine how Dag would have been looking abit confused if – today - he came riding on his horse and into ‘his’ former premises and found some of the farms cars and tractors – or the huge harvester at work. He would most probably stop and stare - his mouth and eyes wide open, yet not easlily sceared off. Would he mount down and search for his hey fork? The one he possibly used when on the 26 of August 1612 – 18 years later – participated in the Battle of Kringom some 4 kms further north. There a gruop of young boys and elderly men went into combat with approx. 400 professional and well equipped Scot soldiers and - won. Did old Dag know PillarGuri? The beautiful young girl who blew her long wooden trumpet to signal the surpricing attack by the valley defenders and the fierce battle begun. Participate Dag in the battle? The archives dont know – but we are allowed to imagine.

After farmer Dag came men like Ingebrigt, Sjugurd, there came a Nils and a Erik and strong women like Marit, Ymbjoer and Toroe.

After 160 year leap in time – in 1752 - we find names like Ole Olsson Maehlum and Jerken Christensensdotter Aasaarn. Another Ole Olsen and his wife Karen Pedersdotter are the ones running the farm in the year 1801, and here we step down from the shoulders of history and leave the story of the most ancient roots of the family.
But: Those coming to spend time at the Ranch will meet with the latest 3 generations. Great grandma Guri, passed away few years ago, but the grannies Gudrun and Kolbjoern are very much up-and-going, like the present management Herdis and Einar. The ‘crownprince’ Erik and his brother Hans Christian represent the coming, busy generation – so the ranch history will certainly continue.

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