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Tourism - Geotourism - Agritourism - Ecotourism. We all love our Mother Nature!

View of the mountain lakes
Tourism ... Indeed Norway and the Gudbrandsdal Valley have since travelling and tourism began, been exciting destinations for visitors from all corners of the world.

When using words like Geotourism, Agrotourism and even Ecotourism in the title of this page we are thinking about the growing concerns about sustainable tourism - benefitting our visitors, ourselves and certainly Mother Nature.

The farm has guestbooks dating back at least 70 years as well as dairys reflecting life and visitors several decades back in time. It is a quite cosy and informative exercise to relax by one of the open fireplaces and study those. Still, it may be a bit challenging to understand handwritten stories and greetings often expressed in a poetic and charmingly illustrated manner, in 10+ different languages.

The common denomitator is that people really felt good and - they returned, again and again. If weather show up by 25 centigrades above or below zero, be it rainy or snowy or burning sunny they do not seem to have felt bored or out of opportunities of new discoveries.

Ample areas and fields, a total of some 30 houses down at the valley Ranch and up at the mountain farms have lots of offerings. Five km"s north is the pittoresque small town of Otta. Spend 30-60 minutes on wheels and you are in the high mountains of Rondane/Dovrefjell National Parks or in Jotunheimen. Enjoy 3-4 hours driving and you reach Oslo, Trondheim or the famous Fiords of western Norway, and visit the stave churches on your way there.
Consider Maehlum as your centrally located and even inexpensive basecamp - your origo with National parks, the capital Oslo, the cathedral "capital" Trondheim, the western Norway Fiords and with rivers, lakes and facilities for a sporting life close at hand, be it summer or wintertime. Not to forget the explosive spring and the colorfull autumns.

A variety of boats are to be found at the Ranch as well as up at the mountain farm by Lake Vaalaasjoe. By the river Laagen there are also larger boats for the lazy ones preferring to sit comfortably (anchor dropped) while fishing, or sightseeing on the wide river more looking like a slow-moving lake.

Tourism at Ranch Maehlum is mainly focused on groups of 10-45 persons, themselves taking care of cooking and cleaning - selfcatering.
There are a total of 45 beds in 13 rooms ranging from 1 to 6 beds each. Integrated in the Ranch main buildings cluster there are also 2 cottages with 2 and 4 beds.
Livingrooms and other rooms and cottages were - with pietism in mind - reconditioned during 2001->2004, so wooden floors, walls, ceilings, new beds, nice curtains etc are awaiting you. Still, since a farm is not a hotel, you will find the standard of the rooms antique and modern, modest and most cosy some even say abit romantic or exotic too!
We like to say it like this: Most of our guests feel quite at home by us, even those abit spoiled by ****-star hotels. Still keep in mind that Maehlum is not a Radisson nor a Hilton - it is an old ranch in rural and beautiful Gudbrandsdal, perhaps because of that offering more - sould we say "soul".

This surely will be reflected image-wise if you let us - Your hosts Herdis and Einar Maehlum - invite you to join in on "guided tours" around the 3 photo Galleries (click up right corner) and we would feel happy and proud to welcome you to later on experiencing sceneries and hospitability in real life.

What more can we say than: Welcome and join in on the pictorial tours!

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