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Maehlum Waterfall, belltower and the surroundings

Early spingtime view of Maehlum Waterfall - lots of water and still some ice
Main yard - with the two white beauties - the bell tower and the waterfall in the far background
The Maehlumsfossen is the name of this cliffhanging waterfall which looks like cascading straight out of the blue-black rocks of the steep mountain behind the ranch. You may see it as a white spot to the left of the 115 year old bell tower housing a beautiful and wellsounding bronze bell - made anno 1824 by well reputed bellfounder K.K. Schmidt in Christiania (Oslo). Bronze consists of 78% copper and 22% tin. >More about bells here. Suggesting you please switch on our speakers abit loud!

Since centuries these bells sounded when meals were to be served, by special occations like New Year, weddings or similar celebrations. And even to warn about dangers (fires etc) - calling attention and assistance.
Like any churchbell, ringing with the farm bells (Norw.: Stabbursklokker or matklokker) were, and still is under some ruling codex. It is still in use, respecting old customs.

An exact replica of the former tower (built 1890), was meticulously made by German carpenter and multi-craftsman Karl Heinz Meyer during year 2000. The huge waterfall and the (we admit) somewhat smaller bell tower form, alone or together a landmark making it even more easy for visitors to find Maehlum Gard.
Our picture galleries have more views of it all.

The waterfall also marks the border between Maehlum and the neighbouring ranch Sandbu. During late autumn and early winter tens of tons of ice is building up – little by little melting during April/May, or thundering down in bits and pieces, tough so far never damaged the old and well kept millhouses on the Sandbu side of the small river dashing its way down to the main river.

Even if it looks that way, the water is not spraying out of the rocks; it all starts from the many shallow lakes on the mountainous plateau behind the Ranch – an exotic and rather untouched triangle between the main valley, the Heidal valley and the Ottadal valley. Go there and you may meet moose, foxes, bobcats, deers, bambi’s and squirrels – not to mention eagles and owls and other fauna species. Wolves are very rarely seen any more in this part of Rondane and Jotunheimen, but at times they may pass by. They keep well away from humans, but they just love sheep - to the extent that they eat them.

Lots of other flora and fauna species will welcome you, and so will the small cottage (always open - 24h/7) of the famous clairvoyant Marcello Haugen, some 3 km direction Otta and close by the Pillarguri peak overlooking Otta. Take time for that trip and imagine you see the 400 Scots soldiers, hired by our at that time "enemy Sweden" marching straight into their destiny at Kringen that August 26th 1612.

In the summer you may drive or be driven up to this triangle of beauty, during wintertime your better prepare to do some fishbone ski climbing. You find few if any other 100% human beings there, perhaps only some friendly Trolls, inviting you to climb the beautiful Svartkampen (Blackpeak), 1361 m asl, which is quite easy to reach. Neighbouring peaks as well.
The downhill walk at summertime will feel shorter, while downhill skiing require lots of plowing + some skill. As a reward you take home some not easily forgotten memories which later you may refer to as being among your exciting adventures. Have a nice trip to the Busetrene, Svartkampen and Pillarguri peak.
Mother Nature and the half-human Trolls invite you to enjoy. And it is all free of charge - they only claim some respect.

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