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Year around fishing and hunting

Fishing in Lake Vaalaasjo
With the proper licenses at hand and fees paid you may fish and perhaps even go hunting year around – having Maehlum or one of the mountain cabins as a basecamp for your wilderness activities.
We will not keep you busy reading all opportunities here, but those wishing to know abit more about fishing and hunting in the Rondane, Jotunheimen og Dovrefjellet region should try this link to the portal of the Regional Tourist Office: where your may do some surfing in the wilderness of exciting offerings.
Best of all – it wont cost you anything. Nor is it costling you much to study our prices or to mail or call us. We might have a special offer for you, at the down-in-the valley ranch or at the mountain farm by Lake Vaalaasjo in Rondane.

The links to and the national tourist board may take you away from the Ranch1 pages. You are most welcome ‘home to the Ranch1’ by simply re-typing Many of our friendly guest and visitors return to Ranch Maehlum. We would feel proud to count you among our many happy and nature-loving friends!

A Happy TROUT story: June 5th 2003 a very nice "multi-pro" German and since years a reverting guest, came walking up those 100m from the shores with a broad smile and showing up a trout of 2.2 kilos, a second one of 1.9 and the last 0.8 (all by Kilos - not Lbs!) Along with those 3 nicest were some few other trouts shored. Next day they landed more but truth is those were a bit smaller, still 33 in total.
Welcome to Go Fishing! We will be pleased to advise and help in every way!

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