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Lots of activities at Ranch Maehlum

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With more than 30 houses in the valley and mountain farms; about half of them meant for housing people, hundreds of acres of cultivated land, forests and wilderness, a carpentry for rustic furniture production, an agricultural machinery repair shop, the river at a long spit distance, boats and skis to borrow or rent, horserenting close by, short walking distances to local town and small villages – sure you will find it hard not to be able to fill every day with something new to enjoy – you may even think of some of the activities as a bit exotic.

Rondane - Dovrefjell - Jotunheimen: Good roads take you in 30-60 minutes to these pearls of Mother Nature. Lillehammer ’94 is only 120 km by E6 southwards and on your trip there you pass or better stop at Hafjell and other famous olympic sites – interesting even during summers.

Fishing in rivers and lakes are year-around activities, hunting and berry picking during relevant seasons. Participating in your own cooking may be more interesting and tasting than exhausting and... you get what your really want most.

If you hit your bed early or late – the days pass on fast at Ranch Maehlum. A pity for you, but a good thing for us working there. Lots of different kinds of work are going on – you may watch them at close range, and you may – if you feel like – participate in some of them. But remember: We have time to care for you, and that may be an interesting experience for both parties.
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