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Maehlum - Arts and crafts

Finished and semi-finished rustic furniture
Old farm Maehlum Gard - OLD but still versatile and even modern. The farm offers abit more than a bed and a roof over your head and meals.
Would you like to get aquainted with other farm products? We offer typical Norwegian rustic wood furniture or other carved wooden items, useful and decorative items.

Short or long dinnertables of up to 2-3 inches thickness, matching chairs/sofas with self-selected figurative carvings and/or by hand decorative painted. These high-quality furniture survive just as well outdoors all year through as indoors and last during decades.

Just tell us your personal wishes and we will probably be able to tailor them into reality or at least start out while you are supervising part of the initilal processing. You might even participate and bring it home and tell your friends: -I did part of it with my two hands!

The Ranch forests offer timber and even odd or strange products of Mother Nature"s abundancy we find the best of raw materials needed there. Would you like to decorate the drive-in entrance portal of your home, your carport or your preferred sittingroom with special portal poles, just tell us.

We are definitely not into mass-production. And we have reasons to believe that our negotiable prices will not astonish you in any bad sense - nor will tranport costs if shipped in reasonable ways.
Still, if we against all odds are unable to make your wishes come true, we most probably know who can, when it comes to individual Norwegian Wood products.

Our list of satisfied and ever-reverting customers is a long one, just like our scrapbook is comprehensive.
Welcome to click the link ontop/left this textpage to see the variety among larger furniture and smaller items in the PhotoGallery, click on first picture to start-up each af the 3 sub-galleries. You find a total of some 70 photograps in the 3 galleries.

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