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Pillarguri - August 26th 1612
The picture gallery is divided into 3 parts, 1rst part showing the vally ranch indoor and outdoor - with also a topographical map or the region.
2nd part is covering the mountain farm, while 3rd is showing you parts the Maehlum variety of wooden products, arts and crafts. All pictures in the galleries are texted in English - for your convenience.

The principal portal to Touristic Norway is

To reach the pages of Sel Kommune (local community) go here:

For those of our guest coming from the "EUrope-continent" and wish to arrive Norway is the best and most comfortable way with less milage behind the wheel, we most heartly recommend the all-Norwegian ferryline ColorLine. ColorLine offer you the best of ship, even the safest and most luxurious, a friendly and serviceminded crew, top entertainment and the widest varity of departures.
If your destination port is our Capital Oslo, you cannot "avoid" when arriving as well as when departing - the marvellousness of 4-hour sceneries of beautiful Oslo Fiord, partly very narrow, partly wide.
(Unless you plan to travel north and embark you may not find a nicer sea journey than by ColorLine.)

Please suggest other useful and interesting links and addresses by mail, and please do NOT forget our invitation to take you on pictorial tours via our Photo Gallery, found up right on each of the pages.

We hope the pictures explain all that is not already told on the text pages, to give you a better platform of knowledge about ranch1 Maehlum Gard. Welcome to our free guided tours and later on welcome to get in touch so that one day we may have the pleasure of welcoming YOU to visit and stay with us!

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